Amanda Aloupis

COO | Green St Property You’d be right in assuming the CEO of any company cannot possibly do it alone – and there is no better proof of this than in the case of Green St Property. The place wouldn’t operate at its best without the power of Amanda Aloupis as Chief Operating Officer (COO) driving it.

“I swear my wife has a clone,” says CEO and husband, Pete Aloupis.

As COO, there is isn’t much Amanda doesn’t deal with in the business and is central to the particularity of recruitment of Green St People.

“We’re a truly small business, so our reputation is gold to us.

“Our people are front and centre to our business’s reputation – we aim to recruit the perfect fit for a job every time. I know this will ensure our clients’ happiness; having great people to deal with in all facets of the real estate journey.”

Thorough in every aspect of the job, Amanda goes to great lengths to ensure that reporting, organisation, compliance and marketing functions are carried out with precision. Amanda is the heart and soul behind Green St Property’s key operational and strategic plans and contributes directly to Green St Property’s on-going development, culture and core values.

As a natural leader, in her spare time Amanda loves guiding her tribe of kids through their many family adventures.


2019 - REINSW Awards for Excellence "Operational Support" Finalist 2018 - REINSW Awards for Excellence "Operational Leadership" Finalist

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