Stacey Finnigan

Portfolio Manager | Green St Property Who responds to a question about daily motivation with:

“Knowing that I’m going to a job where I help people on a daily basis.”?

Stacey. That response helped us identify her as the right person to manage our clients’ property portfolios; Stacey’s clear focus each day is successful and effective management of client expectations, needs and concerns. What more could we ask for?

Stacey is driven to understand all aspects of the business and is focused on building her knowledge across leasing, sales and the value-add client service aspects of Green Street Property. Stacey has proven to be highly self-motivated, and on the look-out for ways to improve both the culture and the service offering at Green Street.

“Building new skills helps me understand the depth of our clients’ needs and allows me to better meet my clients’ expectations. I’m also a better team-player when I have insight into what it takes for others in the team to meet their clients’ expectations. The two operate best when thought about together.”

Stacey’s role will focus on welcoming residents to new properties on the market and working with our property owners to get the most out of their investment.

“I like to find property solutions that leave both sets of clients satisfied with the result. Having people feel comfortable and relaxed in their leased home makes me happy; and similarly, where our investors feel like they are also getting the best outcome. There isn’t any reason I can see that these two things cannot be achieved together.

“I’m a people person so I love talking to Green Street clients and identifying their needs, I’ll take some to go away and research the perfect residential options that exist on our books and find a match based on their priorities.

“A good day at the office ends with everyone walking away feeling happy and heard. I focus on achieving that every day.”

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