Deb Woodall

Business Growth Manager | Green St Property Our Deb is the best kind of new starter – since moving to Newcastle and joining the Green Street Family, our new Business Growth Manager has become a go-to for advice on all the best early-morning coffee spots and after-work, wind down bars. She sets herself a daily challenge to try something or somewhere new. Her go-getter attitude has a side-dish of care, and Deb has embraced coastal life, learning about her new city from dawn until dusk. Our clients have quickly benefitted from her approach to learning everything she can about the region. She is open with her advice to clients which helps them make the most out of both their home and the lifestyle we offer through our value-add service - finding a sense of place for everyone.

Deb is perfectly suited to her role and carries a strong growth mindset, taking in as much of her day before she starts work, and committing to coming to work fresh and inspired.

“From the minute I walk through the office doors each morning, it’s all systems “go” – as long as I have my almond latte in hand,” says Deb.

“My work is all about connection and I love the rapport I’m building with clients through simple customer service and drawing inspiration from the highly motivated sales and property teams.

“I’m keen to learn everything I can about the business and love watching Pete and his team work their magic through properties, and the meet and greet skills they have which connect with a range of customers and their unique needs.

“The Business Growth team will focus on advancing the business through innovative solutions to even the most challenging property curve-balls. That’s why I’m here and that’s what I do.”

It’s easy to see why Deb is fitting in beautifully in the Newcastle region. She is inspired by the coastline and knows how to take a breath at the end of a hard day.

“I reconnect with myself through music and am known to get the decks out and spin some tunes to wind down. I even use my DJ skills as a side hustle, which clients love to hear about. It makes me really happy to be able to share interests with my clients and also learn what motivates them. It’s a great way to find out how to meet their expectations.”

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