Samara Paula

Samara has been my point of contact in an agency with whom I’ve provided photography and marketing material for a number of years. Samara is approachable, ensures she’s always available, and I find communicating with her, on any level, very easy. She is bright, a perfectionist and a people pleaser - all of which make working with her a pleasure! Samara is one of my favourite colleagues as she's always supportive, positive, and confident we will reach our mutual goals.
Liz Kalaf

Samara’s communication and organisation skills are top-notch. My company is often exposed to strict deadlines while operating in a fast paced real estate industry - knowing that Samara is all too happy to answer questions and provide feedback at the drop of a hat is invaluable.
Jacob Payne

I have had dealings with Samara both as her client when selling my home, and as regular supplier to the business she works for. One of the-stand out things about working with her is that she is readily contactable, very quick to respond to questions, and very happy to clarify any requests she has made. I have always found her to present professionally in all ways; in person, in emails, and on the phone. She plans our operations well in advance, and gives comprehensive guidance about what is required. It is always a pleasurable experience working with Samara.
Stephen Oulton

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